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Deciding to start counselling can be daunting, and you might feel you should be able to work out your problems on your own. Yet, it's worth knowing that counselling offers a space in which you can express your feelings freely and without judgement, reassured that what you talk about will be treated as confidential.


This is what makes counselling different to talking to a friend - the fact you will be able to talk about things you don't feel able to disclose to anyone else. Counsellors are highly trained professionals whose aim is to help you find better ways to understand yourself and bring about changes that will improve your mental and emotional well-being.



First Contact


If you are considering having therapy with us, please have a look at our directory of fully qualified, BACP registered counsellors and let us know if you'd like us to refer you directly to one of them. 


Alternatively, if you need us to guide you through this process we can invite you to come in for an initial consultation. This session will last up to 50 minutes and will give us a chance to talk about what brought you to therapy, but also discuss what to expect as well as your availability for appointments. 



Our 50 MINUTES initial consultation is discounted to £15, payable in advance via BACS to secure your booking.



Initial Consultation


The initial consultation lasts for around 50 minutes, during which time a counsellor will ask certain questions about you and your life. For example, you will be asked what you hope to gain from counselling and, if you had therapy in the past, what you found helpful about it or not so helpful. During this first meeting the counsellor will also explain to you what you can expect from counselling, and other practicalities such as payments, cancellations, contracting with your allocated counsellor, but also whether you have specific needs in terms of cost and availability to attend.  


A good idea is to write down what you'd like to talk about during this initial consultation because it will not only help you better describe your feelings in relation to your situation but also put you more at ease once you meet the counsellor. Just remember that a counsellor will not give you any advice on how to resolve your problem. Only you know how you feel in any given situation. If after the consultation you choose to continue with counselling you will be allocated for your on-going sessions.


Counsellor allocation


Your initial consultation will help us to decide on a counsellor who is best suited to your needs. We aim to offer all clients confirmation of their first appointment within 1 week from this first assessment. Once you accept to see the therapist we offer, you'll be contacted directly by them and you will be communicating directly with them from this point onwards.



Time Limited Lower Cost Therapy (12 Sessions)


Time-limited therapy is a focused therapy for up to 12 sessions.


Upon a thorough assessment of individual circumstances, we will be able to offer 12 sessions of lower cost therapy at a discounted cost of £18-£28 per session.


Low-cost therapy is offered only to clients with a genuine financial need and proof of benefits might be required in order to access it.


Given the popularity of this scheme, waiting times might be longer for a start, especially if you require an evening appointment.



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