online therapy for ocd


Online therapy is becoming more and more popular now that the threat of Covid-19 has made us all aware of how important it is to protect the most vulnerable members and avoid unnecessary risks wherever possible.


Preventing infection isn’t however the only merit of online therapy. Online therapy offers a chance to those who can’t travel or are too busy to fit therapy into their daily schedule to still have access to psychological help when they need it the most. It is also increases the number of therapists you can have access to. For instance you may live in a rural area, or you may be in a town where the cost of therapy is much higher than elsewhere. Or even, you might want to have therapy with a therapist who speaks your mother tongue language or has your nationality and understanding of the culture context you grew up in.

By being able to have therapy online you can shop around more, which is always good when it comes to finding the right therapist for your individual needs. 


Online therapy is currently our primary means of delivering therapy and counselling to our clients. However, the option to have face-to-face therapy is still available and still offered to clients for whom working face to face is essential due to their living arrangements or specific emotional needs.


If you’ve never had online therapy before you might feel apprehensive about whether therapy will work if you’re only meeting your therapist online. But please rest assured that our highly trained therapists have extensive knowledge and practice on what working online entails (some having used this way of conducting therapy for many years and way before Covid-19 pushed more of us to work online) and will work hard to ensure the sessions are as effective as if they were held in person.


What to expect:

When you sign up for your initial appointment with a practitioner of your choice:

  • Your therapist will send you a link to the appointment.

  • Please click on the link before the appointment to make sure you can access the waiting area.

  • The program will most likely ask you to install a small Zoom interface.

  • You can configure audio and video during the call.

  • At the time of your online zoom counselling session your therapist will admit you to the call.