Counselling for anxiety in Hove

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We welcome qualified therapists from all modalities to come and join us to become a part of a therapeutic collaboration. We function as a partnership of individual professionals, all recognised as unique and equal members of the collective.


The working collective aims to reduce costs to our clients whilst maintaining healthy rewards for our participating associate therapists. We expect our therapists to be active participants in their efforts to expand the network which in turn will result in building a robust, diverse and extensive client referral service. 


Working collaboratively is a way to maximise individual resources in terms of advertising, branding, social media, networking as well as sharing knowledge, insight and good practice. It is easy to feel overwhelmed as you try to navigate all of these individual factors alone and so joining a network of like-minded individuals can only enhance your practice.


Our aim is to break down the feelings of isolation and create a platform where you can learn alongside other practitioners as your practice grows.




What will I gain from becoming an associate therapist?


  1. You’ll become part of a growing referral network of clients

  2. You’ll be linked to a supportive network of therapists

  3. Discounted room rental fees (£8ph) 

  4. Reading Group

  5. Join our Therapist MeetUp Breakfast events

  6. Ongoing support for marketing, networking, building referral channels, website building service, clinical dilemma etc

  7. 24 access to homely and welcoming rooms with access to WI-FI, kitchenette, waiting area



What do I need to join the collective?


  • Postgraduate or Masters Qualification from an accredited course. 

  • At least 250-300 hours of practice

  • Active member of an Organisational or Membership Body including BACP, NCS, BPC, UKCP

  • Under the supervision with an accredited supervisor (peer supervision doesn't suffice and details of current supervisor and supervision arrangement will need to be provided)

  • Fully insured

  • Experience of working within a cooperative context is highly desirable together with the willingness to become an active part of the collective

  • Experience of carrying out in-depth assessments (training can be provided if needed)



You will be asked to submit your CV and be invited to have a meeting with Katy and Charlotte, the co-founders of the Collective.


If you are interested in the Collective contact us for an informal chat on 07500 665 903

Alternatively, you can simply email us on