Depression is a disorder characterised by low mood and an inability to find enjoyment in life. It can develop quickly or gradually, following a traumatic event or building over the years. You might be someone who's felt depressed the whole life, or someone who prior to the illness starting considered themselves the life of the party. No one person's depression is like the next, despite sharing some common symptoms. 

Signs of depression

  • Sadness and feeling weepy.

  • Numbness and lethargy 

  • Wanting to hide away from people

  • Constant tiredness and problems sleeping.

  • Loss of appetite, or eating to excess 

  • Stress and frustration.

  • Irritability and aggression.

  • Feeling that you cannot cope.

  • Suicidal ideation

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If you have several of the above symptoms then, you may be suffering from depression and may want to seek help.

Often the first port of call is to contact your GP who may prescribe some medication, or refer you for CBT, to help you manage your symptoms. 


Counselling for depression

If managing the symptoms associated with your depression is no longer enough you may want to consider finding out what's at the root of your depression so it can be resolved, rather than just managed. This might be particularly important if the depression has been going on for some time and doesn't seem to be associated with any specific event.


Psychodynamic Counselling, which we offer at Brighton Counselling Collective, defers from CBT in a number of ways. First of all it's not directive and doesn't involve any homework. Secondly, it aims at resolving the problem at the root and enabling you to build a cohesive narrative of your experience. Psychodynamic counselling, while it can't provide immediate results, has been documented to lead to long lasting change and a greater self awareness of who you are as person, what motivates you and what you need to feel content and able to enjoy life. 

If you're curious about how psychodynamic therapy can help you overcome your depression, please feel to get in touch.