affordable counselling in Brighton



The cost of individual counselling starts at £35 up to £60 per session. An offer of ongoing counselling will be made to you following the initial consultation.


Initial consultations cost £15 


12 Session lower lost therapy


Our therapists try to be as inclusive as possible and are fully aware of the challenges many people experience in accessing the right mental help support. This is why, in accordance with the ethos our collective is founded upon to help as many as possible, they generously offer 12 sessions at a discounted fee of £25 per session to clients with a genuine financial need. This might include people who are currently out of work, full-time carers and people in receipt of welfare benefits.


Please note that we might need to ask for proof of benefits in order to offer this service to ensure those in true need have a chance to access it. 


Given the popularity of this scheme, waiting times might be longer than usual and the service is limited to daytime appointments only.




*  We gently require payment for an initial consultation upfront and within 24 hours of booking in order to be able to confirm your booking with you. This condition has been put in place to avoid no-shows which have a severe impact on our ability to operate smoothly and offer a fair service to all. We thank all our prospective clients for their cooperation with this.