counselling in Hove


Life is forever changing. No one can stop time or avoid moving on to new directions and going through transitions. The time has arrived for Brighton Counselling Collective to close its doors after five years of service, due to the founding directors embarking on new career paths.


Brighton Counselling Collective opened its doors to anyone seeking psychological support in 2017.  Five years on, having helped 100s of people access affordable counselling, life has offered us an opportunity to close a chapter and open a few new ones, and so we need to let you our doors will close on the 29th April 2022.


The last five years have been incredibly rewarding. Seeking counselling is never easy, but we all had a chance to meet incredibly committed clients who, despite their life difficulties, were focused on their growth and psychological well being.


 Over the past five years we have worked with over 15 therapists who were all committed to offer affordable therapy and we supported them in this endeavour by offering low room hire charges, the lowest in Brighton and Hove, so that they could pass their savings onto their clients. 


Brighton Counselling Collective was always meant to reach those most in need and we're proud to say we were successful in doing so.


Our journey here has come to an end due to new openings and pasture new. Our therapists however continue to work so if you want to work with one of our experienced counsellors you can still contact them directly via this link


Finally, we'd like to remind people they don't need to suffer alone. Talking to someone who is completely neutral and empathic can be life saving. If you're suffering, please don't be afraid to ask for help. 


We say goodbye with heartfelt thanks and a lot of light, 

Katy and Charlotte